Hotel Lazurit
Address: Bld 33, Aiskiy village, 456227 Zlatoust, Russia
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Reception: +7 800 775-09-55;
Banquets: +7 932 236-18-03
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Zlatoust, Russia
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Bath Complex

Bath Complex

Jade Stream Bath
Dear Guests!  ​
We are delighted to invite you to visit our absolutely  new jade  steam bath  -  the place of  health, comfort, beauty and relax.
It’s an island where your soul can rest.​ After heating jade  gives all  his  healing power to cure different body disorders.
Heated jade steam brings therapeutic effect. It tones up skin,​ accelerates the process of metabolism in the body, helps  to get rid of  stress and chronic fatigue.
Jade steam treatment improves sleep quality, launches detox process in the body and stimulates overall health.​
Give your body and soul a wonderful chance to relax!​
Booking: +7 800 775 0955

Form for booking jade steam bath

Sauna with Salt Stones
*⚠ Only for guests of the hotel Lazurit
Our salt sauna will give you great pleasure, warm you up on cold days and bring health benefits!
  • This type of sauna is recommended for people who have problems with the respiratory system. Salt therapy can cure allergies, asthma, bronchitis and rhinitis.
  • People who have skin diseases should also regularly attend salt treatments, because they help to improve blood flow, eliminate the symptoms of dermatitis, eczema and neurodermatitis. ​
  • A visit to our salt steam room is useful for cosmetic purposes-regular procedures have a cleansing effect on the skin, after which it becomes more delicate and velvety. ​
  • Sauna with the use of salt is a quick and safe way of general hardening of the body and increasing immunity during colds. ​Regular use of salt treatments promotes the development of a special hormone that provides powerful anti-cancer protection of the body. ​

Our salt sauna can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people.
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Hotel Lazurit
Address: Bld 33, Aiskiy village, 456227 Zlatoust
Reception:8 800 775 09 55
Official site:
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